Celebrating for a good cause: Married couple from Bamberg raises 1500 Euros

by SRI,  2009/11/25

Again and again, the idea is inspiring for the humedica-team: People use their private or public celebrations to raise money for our project work. In the Franconian city of Bamberg, a couple got involved by organizing a kind of autumn party.

Karin and Rudi Beßler came personally to the humedica-headquarters to hand over their donation. Foto: humedica

Karin and Rudi Beßler, both at the beginning of their 40s, have got three children and are a very likeable couple. Yet kindness is not their only positive trait (even if we leave aside their charitable activity the article is about).

Spontaneity would be another one. So the two of them made the spontaneous decision to cover the distance from Bamberg to Kaufbeuren - 300km after all - in order to hand over the 1500 Euros personally.

Money raised at a kind of autumn party that has been remarkable in many respects: The Beßlers had organized it on their own initiative and many friends accepted their invitation to the premises of their own painter’s shop. Apart from food and drinks, an auction was held for the benefit of humedica’s project work.

„It was great fun“, Rudi Beßler recalls with pleasure. He himself had auctioned twigs with sausages attached to them. At the end of this lovely autumn day in Franconia, the guests had not only had a beautiful evening, yet they had also raised the remarkable amount of Euros already mentioned.

Mr. and Mrs. Beßler represent all those friends and supporters of our work who repeatedly use their festivities for raising money for and awareness of humedica.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Karin und Rudi Beßler and all these other people. Your commitment enables us to help.

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