Breaking News: humedica sent volunteers to Bangladesh – medical team going to treat secondary diseases after devastating cyclone

by Steffen Richter,  2009/06/02

No chance to rest for this country: About 18 months after the devastating storm “Sidr”, cyclone “Alia” battered large parts of Bangladesh about one week ago. According to official reports, 135 people were killed during the violent storm. The destruction is enormous as is the number of people who are suffering from the consequences and are in desperate need of treatment.

After an urgent call for help has reached us from local partners of the KOINONIA organization, humedica sent a three-man-crew of helpers to Bangladesh.

Like its predecessors, the latest appearance of the natural phenomenon again had an enormous destructive power. About 2.3 million of people are directly affected by the storm. Considering its high effectiveness, it is a wonder that the number of victims is not even higher.

This is also thanks to the numerous secure cyclone-shelter buildings that have been constructed all over the country after the bad experiences of the past years. Alongside other forms of support, humedica is also involved in the construction of three buildings of this kind.

This picture, taken after cyclone cyclone "Sidr" in 2007, shows the violence of the storm and the desperation of people. Help is desperately needed. Photo: Jens Großmann

Equipped with a purpose-made, so-called Medi-Kit our helpers set off for Dhaka from Munich and Frankfurt.

Apart from the experienced GP Dr. Markus Hohlweck from Bonn, coordinator Dieter Schmidt (Nesselwang, Bavaria) and the American nurse Nancy Smith are part of the team.

In Bangladesh, a still unknown number of people suffering greatly from the consequences of the cyclone and therefore being in desperate need of medical treatment is waiting for help. In parts of the country, the infrastructure is poor and many people do no longer have access to drinking-water-supply.

In cases like that, experts talk of “the disaster after the disaster”: Violent weather like this powerful cyclone hits the already poor population hard, many people lose everything they have.

Correspondingly, they are exposed helplessly to consequences like the lack of pure drinking water, which leads to massive diarrhoea infections and other serious medical problems.

humedica is urgently appealing for donations in order to provide emergency help in Bangladesh.

humedica e. V.
Reference "Cyclone help AILA"
Account 47 47
Bank code 734 500 00
Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

Donations can also be made online for the treatment of the survivors of this devastating storm. Thank you very much for supporting us in any way.

One week after the natural disaster, people suffer from consequences of the destroyed infrastructure such as diarrhoea infections caused by the lack of clean drinking water. Photo: Jens Großmann

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