Bangladesh: Video documentation by local partner

by KOINONIA/SRI,  2009/06/09

The images are distressing and sad confirmations of the reports that reach us from our medical teams working in those regions of Bangladesh that were heavily affected by cyclone “Aila” and devastating floods at the end of May.

The short video recorded by our local partner of the KOINONIA organization demonstrates the terrible consequences of the natural disaster. The population that had already been living at the poverty level has lost everything and is now struggling to survive.

The lack of food and, above all, of clean drinking water has devastating consequences, as was confirmed to us by Dr. Markus Hohlweck, who is part of our task force.

humedica is urgently appealing for donations in order to provide emergency help in Bangladesh.

humedica e. V.
Reference "Cyclone help AILA"
Account 47 47
Bank code 734 500 00
Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

Donations can also be made online for the treatment of the survivors of this devastating storm. Thank you very much for supporting us in any way.


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