Bangladesh: Situation still serious – reconstruction of the dams not likely to begin before October

by SRI, 2009/07/01

The situation remains serious in those areas of Bangladesh which were affected by the devastating cyclone Aida at the end of May. Most people still have no access to clean drinking water.

Thousands live on the remains of destroyed dams. Reconstruction work on these safety dams probably won’t begin until the end of the rain season in October.

So far, humedica has been able to treat more than 1700 patients in Bangladesh. Photo: humedica

So far, two humedica teams have already been able to provide medical treatment for about 1700 patients in different areas in the south of the country.

The second medical team already was less challenged by the direct consequences of the cyclone than by those caused by the lack of clean drinking water.

„The government has put up large water containers, yet these are often filled with brown dirty water”, report Dr. Anja Fröhlich and Michal Becker who have been working in Bangladesh.

The effects: Intestinal and abdominal diseases, accompanied partly by high fever, massive loss of fluid, circulatory disorders as well as severely-infected wounds and infections.

Thousands of people still live on the remains of former dams, from hand to mouth. At present, a return to their villages is out of question and the reconstruction of the dams will only be possible after the rain season.

A team of our partner organization Koinonia will continue providing the desperately needed help. humedica in the meantime would like to express its gratitude to action medeor for their kind donation of medical drugs.

We also would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Hilfswerk der Bayerischen Apotheker (a relief organization of Bavarian pharmacists) for their specific financial support, thanks to which further medication could be acquired in Bangladesh and transport costs could be covered.

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