humedica volunteers awarded with gold-medal for their commitment

by Ruth Bücker,  2009/12/09

A couple of days ago, the town theatre of Kaufbeuren served as a scene for a special event. That evening, humedica volunteers were awarded with a gold-medal for their commitment during the past years by the Lord Mayor Stefan Bosse.

Certificate and gold medal as an acknowledgement of the commitment of all volunteer helpers of humedica. Foto: humedica/Joachim Panhans

The medal „Kaufbeuren-aktiv“ is awarded to recognize long-time and outstanding commitment for the people of Kaufbeuren and for the town of Kaufbeuren itself. Depending on the duration of the voluntary service, the medal is awarded in bronze, silver or gold.

The Lord Mayor of Kaufbeuren, Stefan Bosse handed over the „Kaufbeuren-aktiv“ medal in gold to the men and women who volunteered as an acknowledgement of their outstanding commitment over a long period of time.

The award was accepted by Mr. Wolfgang Schüller, Ms. Lucia Maurus, Ms. Keck, Ms. Elfriede Pichl and Ms. Marianne Weiß, representing all volunteers. Apart from the town council, 200 guests were present in the town theatre to acknowledge the volunteers’ service.

The volunteers have been involved with humedica for years, especially in the christmas parcel project “Geschenk mit Herz” (“A present from the heart”). Shortly after Easter, Elfriede Pichl and Marianne Weiß already begin their preparations for the project. Wolfgang Schüller has also been supporting the humedica-team for many years, helping in the warehouse and as a voluntary driver all the year round.

A volunteer service that has been carried out for 20 years or more, is awarded with the gold medal, as it has been the case with the men and women who volunteered with humedica.

With great gratitude and also a little bit of pride, the humedica team is looking forward to the next 20 years with their volunteer helpers.

From left to right: Ms. Weiß, Ms. Pichl, Ms. Keck, Ms. Maurus and Mr. Schüller. Foto: humedica/Joachim Panhans

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