TV judge Alexander Hold visits humedica emergency relief project in Haiti

by Katja Weber,  2008/11/25

When the whole extent of the destruction caused by hurricane 'Gustav' became known in August, TV judge Alexander Hold didn't hesitate one moment to promise to help the victims in whichever way he could. Now, following up on his promise, he visited the humedica relief projects in Haiti.

He stayed three days in this underdeveloped, politically unstable country which, though beautifully located in the Carribean, fails to spark a tropical vacation mood in the visitor. The wide-spread poverty and dire need among large parts of the population is simply too blatant to be ignored.

TV judge Alexander Hold looks on as Thomay Schweyer carries out a ambulant eye operation. Photo: Katja Weber/humedica

Since humedica started operating in Haiti, a number of diverse projects were initiated and carried out in the region of St. Marc in the eastern part of the island. Priorities are medical help and food distribution. In addition, we are also planning to hand out school material to needy children.

Hold visited a few projects run or supported by humedica. The program of his visit included a children's hospital, the mobile clinic and the distribution of hygiene parcels in primary schools, financed by the German Foreign Ministry. The pupils received articles of daily hygiene, such as tooth brushes, tooth paste and soap for the whole family to use at home.

Hold was particularly impressed by his visit to the orphanage "Marantha", which was serviced by humedica with the mobile clinic and subsequently supported with food supplies. "I was very moved to see these sad children, who don't have enough beds in their bare dormitories and partly not even matrasses to sleep on", Hold said.

Food distribution is also part of the humedica's relief program. Photo: Katja Weber/humedica

"If I had one wish for Haiti", continued Hold, "I would wish for every child to have enough to eat every day. And I would wish for every child to be able to go to school and be given the chance for education."

While visiting the St. Nicholas Hospital, with which humedica cooperates closely, Hold took some time to spend with Maude, a seriously injured young woman. The 28-year-old is still unable to walk after a car accident she suffered eight months ago, which left her with a comminuted fracture in her left thigh and a stiff right leg.

humedica had brought her from the mobile clinic in her village directly to the hospital and is taking care of further treatment.

For more than ten years now, Alexander Hold has been familiar with and appreciating humedica's relief efforts in all parts of the world and has already managed to secure tens of thousands of euros in donations. He likes involving himself, in order to help where ever he can, and comments:

"I'm convinced that every person can contribute in some way to improve the fate of the underprivileged of this world. Some help from home, others roll up their sleeves for a few weeks and go to Haiti, for instance. The important thing here is that everyone should get involved in his own specific way."

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