Sudan: humedica continues refugee relief despite escalation

by Steffen Richter,  2008/07/18

Conditions in the Sudanese refugee region of Darfur have seriously deteriorated in the past few weeks. Political tensions are increasingly causing dangerous and volatile situations.

Already last week, five major foreign relief organizations were expelled from the country, others left voluntarily. The United Nations have issued security phase 4, the fifth and last phase requiring the evacuation of foreign personnel.

Country director Silvia Gonzalez will definitively stay in Sudan to continue the relief effort. Photo: humedica

humedica's foreign relief workers are, however, still active and will continue their mission for the time being.

Apart from humedica country director Silvia Gonzalez, there are 12 further expats active in various fields. But the biggest part of the team consists of local relief workers, more than 300 people.

"I have already informed the relevant authorities that I will not follow a possible UN recommendation for evacuation", country director Silvia Gonzalez declared on Thursday. "I will continue, together with my Sudanese colleagues, our much needed relief work for the refugees despite the personal risk involved."

In the past weeks, there have been frequent violent incidents, generally politically motivated, with numerous wounded and dead.

Unfortunately, the UN peace-keeping force deployed there at the begin of the year, has been unable to pacify the situation in the region with its multiple conflict potential.

humedica is one of the biggest foreign relief organizations operating in Darfur and services with the support of the Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany 3 refugee camps and two mobile clinics.

Since 2003, armed ethnic conflict in Sudan's Darfur region has claimed thousands of lives and millions have become refugees. Photo: Rough Rider Blog/US

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