One Week of Intensive Training for a Common Goal

by Daniel Monninger,  2008/09/12

From all regions in Germany, they came together from the 7th - 12th September to receive additional training in the coordinating of a humedica relief mission abroad. These 15 people - all with different backgrounds - are all connected by the same wish: helping people in need.

Dr. Tobias Schadeck (Böbrach in the Bavarian Forest) wants “to review the theory after the practice”. The dermatologist has already been abroad with humedica four times. On the other hand, Katja Weber (Berlin) and Dr. René Halbach (Gummersbach) are here by humedica for the first time. The PR consultant would like a change of scene and the surgeon wants to ultimately work on projects abroad.

Dr. Tobias Schadeck, Katja Weber und Dr. René Halbach (from left to right) are training together for a future relief mission. Photo: humedica

The job of a coordinator is one of the most important functions by a catastrophe mission. Coordinators organize not only the work locally, but also the transportation, finances and cooperation with local agencies, as well as serving as the link to the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren.

In multiple theory and practice training sessions, participants learn everything needed in order to be prepared for a mission abroad.

Some of the themes of the sessions include: assembling of the medical provisions, distribution of relief supplies, working together with the headquarters and on-site personnel management. Security measures are also taught as part of the training.

„The theory part is very fundamental but nevertheless the training is very real. The combination between the two is just right,” says Katja Weber, enthusiastically. “Everything done here gives one a good idea of what it will be like during an operation. The entire day has become a practical exercise.”

One of the practical tasks is to erect a clinic tent. Photo: humedica

Working together as a team is very important in order for an operation under such extreme conditions to be successful. For the practical exercises, participants are split into three groups, and all tasks must then be completed together.

„One learns so much here about working as a team,“ says Dr. Halbach. “It’s very realistic in demonstrating the challenges on assignment,” adds Dr. Schadeck.

All three participants would like to take part in future trainings. “I want to do it again, and I would highly recommend it to everyone,” affirms Katja Weber.

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