Sri Lanka: Short Interview on the Current Situation

by Steffen Richter,  2008/02/06

Not only Kenya has been affected by political unrest. For almost 25 years, a bloody civil war has been waging in Sri Lanka, which escalated a few weeks ago when the cease-fire between the government and the rebels was broken. In a short interview, Pastor Sam Rajasuriar, the Executive Director of humedica International Lanka, appeared to be shaken from the current situation.

Pastor Sam, the situation in Sri Lanka has declined dramatically since the ending of the cease-fire. What have the past several days been like?

Pastor Sam Rajasuriar is worried about the recent developments in Sri Lanka. Photo: humedica

The past weeks have been difficult for Sri Lanka. At the moment we can’t go out into the street without fearing for our lives. The violence has reached a new high-point and we don’t know where it will end. Yesterday as I came back to Jaffna from the capital Colombo, I could sense that fear from the terror and attacks reigned everywhere. There is a curfew at the moment. The people don’t know what will happen, and this fear and uncertainty can be felt everywhere.

The humedica supported and operated projects, like the International School Manipay, are located on the Jaffna peninsula, a central point of the conflict. In what way have the projects been affected by the situation?

As I said, the situation at the moment is very unstable and uncertain. I don’t know what will happen. All of the schools have been closed – even those from humedica. I don’t know if they will re-open tomorrow or not. Our work has also suffered from the heightened situation, but I can’t say anything more about that at this time. I hope that we will soon be able to work again, but I just don’t know.

Do you think that the near future will bring peace to Sri Lanka?

I hope and pray so, but my prognosis is not good. A few days ago a bomb exploded at a train station, and at the beginning of the year a bus filled with children was blown up. There were many casualties and injuries. These are difficult times for Sri Lanka.

Pastor Sam, thank you very much for your time. The humedica team here in Germany wishes you all the best, strength and God's protection and blessing.

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