New Warehouse at Headquarters: Completion Nears

by Steffen Richter,  2008/09/03

In a few more weeks humedica's new warehouse, located directly across the street from the main offices, will be ready to use. Today in the construction history is Cement Day: around 200 cubic centimeters of the flowing construction material will be used to form the foundation of the new warehouse, an enormous donation from the company HeidelbergCement AG.

30 cement trucks were needed to pour the foundation for the new warehouse. Photo: humedica

Not only the before mentioned 200 cubic centimeters of cement were required for the foundation to be poured, but also 30 cement trucks plus drivers, nine workers, and five hours of construction time.

The opening for the warehouse, with its many uses and possibilities, has been set for around the 20th of October. Humedica would like to take the opportunity and deeply thank everyone who helped, supported, and donated towards the project. The new warehouse is an important money-saving step into the future.

On behalf of the entire team, Jürgen Jakoby, humedica’s construction coordinator, would like to especially thank a few people, companies and institutions for their help and support.

Thanks to:

  • Hermann Eichler (architect)
  • Michael Burz (structural engineer)
  • Ludwig Mariner Hochbau (building contractor)
  • Stoiber Systembau GmbH (steel construction)
  • Fa. Schwärzler (steel construction)
  • Fa. Vogg (wall coverings)
  • Fa. RAMPP Flachdächer (roofing)
  • Fa. Holderried Gerüstbau G.b.R. (scaffolding)
  • Fa. Elektro Blösch (electric installation)
  • Fa. WWS Haustechnik (heating and sanitation)

Special thanks to the city of Kaufbeuren:

  • Mayor Stefan Bosse
  • Building/City Planning
  • Waterworks Kaufbeuren
  • VWEW Vereinigte Wertach-Elektrizitätswerke GmbH Kaufbeuren (United Power Supply)

Our utmost gratitude for those who gave important donations goes out to:

  • HeidelbergCement (cement)
  • Rittal GmbH & Co. KG (IT & electrical equipment)
  • JUPITER Heizsysteme GmbH (floor heating & sanitation fixtures)
  • Zuccaro Montagetechnik & Metallbau GmbH (loading bridge & sectional doors)
  • CREATON AG (floor pavement tiles & roofing tiles)
  • Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer 6 Breuer AG (tiling)
  • Fränkische Rohrwerke Gebr. Kirchner GmbH & Co. KG (electrical supplies/pipes)
  • Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG/Gira (electrical supples/switches)
  • Ruhl GmbH & Co. KG (reinforcing steel mesh)
  • Glas Trösch Beratungs-GmbH (glazing)
  • JOMA Dämmstoffwerk GmbH (insulation)
  • Lithonplus GmbH & Co. KG (paving stones)
  • Labex GmbH (high speed door)
  • HANSA Metallwerke AG (sanitation fixtures/faucets)
  • Keramag/Keramische Werke AG (sanitation fixtures/basins/toilets)
  • METEX Metallwaren GmbH (door frames)
  • BITO Lagertechnik (pallet racks)
  • Gruma Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH (Linde electrical fork lift)
  • Bürostudio MARTI (office equipment)
  • KNAUF Gips KG (dry-wall)
  • Paschke Baumschulen (landscaping)
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