humedica individual case aid: Chantal from Kenya getting better

by Steffen Richter,  2008/11/17

It was an accident with dramatic consequences: As an infant Chantal Wanjiku from Kenya swallowed a corrosive liquid, leaving the greater part of her oesophagus burnt.

The little girl's life was saved, but for a long time there was no prospect for a long-term recovery and a normal life. A big challenge for humedica individual case aid.

Chantal is a lively young girl that will be able to lead a normal life thanks to humedica individual case help. Photo: privat/humedica

If Chantal's father, Robert Mbugua, can today write that his small daughter's condition "has improved significantly", that she "can eat and drink" and is "putting on weight", then something decisive must have happened. Since a few months, Chantal has been in humedica's program for individual case aid.

Every fortnight, Chantal's oesophagus is expanded, so that she can ingest food and drink. Based on what we know at this point, it will take another two years until she can undergo surgery that will make this procedure unnecessary.

As her father's letter suggests, Chantal's life has already now largely returned to normal thanks to the regular treatment. She can go to school, play with her friends and can grow up like a normal child.

Dear friends and sponsors, we would like to relay her father's sincere thanks to you. It is your support that enables us to do our work and help those in need. Thank you!

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