humedica headlines 06.10.2008

by Daniel Monninger,  2008/10/06

+++Bangladesh: Ridoy in good health +++ Palastine: medical assistance in Gaza Strip +++ Brasil: Latest updates from the Children’s Village in Nova Friburgo +++ Germany: humedica-Banners now available for your Website

Bangladesh: Ridoy Completely Recovered

Ridoy can finally laugh again. Photo: humedica

We have good news on little Ridoy, who humedica has reported on several times. When he was brought to the humedica-team in November 2007 by his aunt, the then four-months-old’s life was hanging by a thread. The baby was malnourished and was suffering from a severe lung infection. For months after he was still in critical condition. But now the smile on his face has come back, and he is developing magnificently, as photos newly received by humedica show. Since the toddler lost his mother to Cyclone “Sidr”, he is now being raised by his aunt and uncle, who are being specially supported by humedica. This helps with the purchasing of nets, for example, so that the fisherman and his family can support themselves.

Palastine: Medical Assistance in Gaza Strip

The people of Rafa respond with a great deal of gratitude for the medical help. Photo: humedica

Two large relief missions in the cities Rafa and Sufa were able to treat over 600 patients. Rafa lies on the border to Egypt, and with over 100,000 inhabitants, almost no one has work. The five doctors from the medical team cared for around 300 people, and in return received numerous invitations for dinner as expressions of these people’s gratitude, even though they themselves have almost nothing. The little town of Sufa is marked from conflict. The walls of the houses are riddled with bullet-holes. In some areas, grenades have ripped entire walls apart. From what the inhabitants say, humedica is the first outside help the town has received. In total seven doctors and three pharmacists were able to help over 300 people.

Future missions for the medical teams are currently being planned for Nablus (Westbank) and in the refugee camp Dir Balah.

Brasil: Latest updates from the Children’s Village in Nova Friburgo

The Costa* family is just one of the many families to benifit from the family sponsorship program. Photo: humedica

The humedica family sponsorship program has received reinforcement, although Fabiola Figueira Lecher has been with the humedica team in Brasil for a while. The program is now a year old, and a lot of good has been achieved in this time. Take the Costa* family, for example. Three children, all from different parents, live with their common grandmother since their parents abandoned them. The energetic woman receives a small pension, but it’s not enough to take care of the family. From humedica every month they receive a food packet which contains, among other things, rice, beans, oil, salt, flour and powdered milk. Without this support, the children would have to work in the nearby quarry, breaking stones apart, and wouldn’t be able to go to school. In the children’s village Nova Friburgo, they receive a meal both before and after school every day. In addition, medical and dental care, psychological therapy, social and legal consultation are also made available to the families. Through a Family Sponsorship, you too can make the lives of an entire family better.

*Name changed

Germany: humedica Banners Now Available For Your Website

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