humedica Intensifies Food Distribution Thanks to Help from Partners

by Daniel Monninger,  2008/10/02

The water in the region around St. Marc had begun to recede. This didn’t given the people of Haiti their destroyed homes back, but it made relief assistance by the humedica medical teams easier. But now, however, heavy rainfall is causing new problems.

Due to the severe precipitation, the streets remain impassable and entire villages are cut off from the outside. A large part of the people are still living in so-called “shelters” – temporary dwellings that can’t even begin to serve as a replacement for the destroyed homes.

Organizing the crowd of people is always an issue by food distribution. Photo: humedica

In these emergency situations, the humedica medical teams work fervently to help the affected people. That’s why the distribution of food and medical treatment for those suffering are a priority.

Thanks to the generous support of humedica partner organizations Hilfswerk der Bayerischen Apotheker, Operation Blessing and Hoffnungszeichen, around 5,000 people have been supplied with food in the past weeks. On top of that, the association Haiti-Kinderhilfe e.V. has made an additional 10,000 Euro available to allow for further medical support.

In the flooded areas sanitation is a big problem. To help lower the risk of illnesses and epidemics, around 2000 hygiene packets will be distributed. These contain, among other things, a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and water-purification tablets.

Little Louis, who, when treated a few days ago by humedica doctors was totally dehydrated and underweight, is now doing much better. His condition is no longer life-threatening. Because humedica paid for the hospital costs, Louis was able to receive transfusions, stabilizing his condition.

Together with local helpers, Dieter Schmidt and Nina Wöhrmann organize the food distribution. Photo: humedica

Meanwhile, the humedica medical team saved the life of another young child. Brought to pediatrician Dr. Ulrich Seemann by the boy’s father, the one-year-old baby - weakened by fever, chills and pain - displayed severe signs of malaria.

Because the malaria was in such an advanced stage, the doctor estimated that the boy had only about two more days to live. Through the immediate starting of the malaria treatment, it is highly probable that the young boy will survive.

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