Coordinator Training 2008 is Almost Here: An Interest Grows Into a Calling

by Steffen Richter,  2008/08/28

They first learned about the work of humedica during the coordinator training in Kaufbeuren in November 2007. Today, Sandra Schuckmann-Honsel, Christian Schiau and Gerhard Braunmille are colleagues in service for humedica: from just getting to know one another during an exciting week to a joint cooperation in daily work.

All three were already for humedica on assignment. Sandra Schuckmann-Honsel (Masters in Education) had worked relief missions in Bangladesh and Sudan. Today – after a six month training by the association for sustainable development to become a “Coordinator in International Project Management”- she serves as administrator at the humedica headquarters for the extensive Darfur-Project.

Christian Schiau (Masters in Economy from Bergisch-Gladbach) was in Darfur (Sudan) for six months where he managed the administration. As of late he is now also reinforcing the headquarters with the work in Sudan.

Gerhard Braunmiller, Sandra Schuckmann-Honsel and Christian Schiau (left to right) are all part of a strong humedica team. Photo: humedica

The native Frankfurt on Main agricultural engineer, Gerhard Braunmiller, was in Bangladesh in 2007 and since May 2008 is the project coordinator for the relief work in Myanmar. He is currently in Germany to discuss the newest courses of action for the project.

Three people, three backgrounds and three times an interest in development aid - all which ended in an engagement with humedica. Sandra, Christian and Gerhard got to intensely know humedica from the coordinator training. The first sessions had 23 participants - after which only eight were willing to help humedica on assignment.

The next training session is on September 7. Various trainings in theory and in practice await the fifteen participants under the humedica flag.

Who still has an interest in a humanitarian relief mission and would like to be part of the training camp amidst the Allgäu, please contact Ms. Annett Michael as soon as possible.

Telephone: 08341-966148-31

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