Berlin: Inauguration of new humedica office attended by many politicians and diplomats

by Steffen Richter,  2008/10/28

For the festive event celebrating the opening of its Berlin office, humedica could hardly have found a more fitting venue. It was provided, very kindly, free of charge by the Kempinski Hotel Adlon, much to the delight of the 45 high ranking guests attending the reception in its elegant and dignified ambience.

humedica reception on the Galerie Bel Etage of one of the most famous hotels in Germany, the Kempinski Hotel Adlon. Photo: humedica

In particular, representatives of Berlin's political establishment had come to celebate together with some 12 humedica team members and other invited guests the inauguration of the Berlin office at the Pariser Platz.

As the rooms there could not possibly have accommodated all the invitees, the kind offer by one of the best hotels in Germany, the Kempinski Hotel Adlon, was highly appreciated.

In his welcoming speech in front of many political representatives and senior diplomats, humedica managing director Wolfgang Groß emphasized Berlin's paramount importance for the work of the organisation co-founded by him and the great potential the city offers.

"With projects in around 90 countries and the universal nature of our involvement which that entails, we have to rely not only on good networks and motivated multiplicators but also on good working contacts on various political levels. Berlin offers us these conditions to an almost unlimited degree", Groß noted in his speech.

The director of the International Projects and Programmes department, Mister Markus Köhler, outlined in his brief talk humedica's conceptual approach as exemplified in its medical aid in Haiti.

Engaged in intense conversation with one aim: helping people in distress. Photo: humedica

Finally, the former minister and Father of the House of the Bundestag, Rainer Eppelmann, lived up to his name as a passionate orator. He talked about the work of the Stiftung für Grundwerte und Völkerveständigung (Foundation for Fundamental Values and International Understanding), which has provided humedica with an office on one of the capital's grandest squares and with which humedica has been cooperating closely for many years already.

After the three welcoming addresses, specialities from Bavaria and Brandenburg were served, rounding off this festive evening. When it drew to a close, humedica managing director Wolfgang Groß was able to make a thoroughly positive appraisal: "I am glad that we have taken the step to go to Berlin. And I'm also very grateful to the Foundation for having made this possible in the first place."

Group foto in front of a historic backdrop and the Berlin humedica office (one of the windows at top right). Photo: humedica

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