The Young Boy Gains More Weight Every Day

by Michaela Baumann,  2008/03/31

This time we bring good news out of Bangladesh: little Ridoy, who was reported on from humedica and PRO7 many times, is doing better. Now nine months old, he finally weighs over five kilograms.

After a few hard months, Ridoy and his Aunt who cares for him can laugh again. Photo: KONONIA

A weight gain, which, by looking at photos from the young baby from two months ago didn’t seem possible. But in the past weeks, the health of Ridoy has made visible improvements. Through regular baby formula deliveries and constant medical observation, he has been gaining weight every day.

To make sure that he continues to do better, KONONIA, the local partner from humedica, is staying in contact with the family of the boy. Several times a week employees from the organization visit the family to make certain that Ridoy’s condition further stabilizes itself.

Little Ridoy has made it. Experiences like this prove just how important it is to provide continual aid, even months after a catastrophe has occurred. For your support we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude - thank you.

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