Somalia: Special Help for the Little Ones

by Steffen Richter,  2007/09/26

Despite being 20 months old, little Ayan weighed only 6 kilograms.

Mahamed is three months old, lives in Somalia and, like so many other Somalian children, is malnourished. A few days ago he weighed just under 3 kilograms. Whether famine or war, children are always the ones who suffer the most. A specially coordinated relief program is therefore very important. With this in mind, humedica opened a nutritional center for children in Somalia – with Mahamed as its first patient.

More than 800,000 children are currently suffering from continual hunger in Somalia. This startling number was the reason why humedica opened, alongside the existing medical assistance, a nutritional center for children under five years of age in El Waaq. Since the beginning of August, extremely malnourished children and their mothers are being taken in and cared for. But before the children receive the special nutritional supplements, they must also be medically treated. Because sickness uses up energy, and these children need all the energy they have in order to survive. Currently at the “Therapeutic Feeding Centre“, in addition to Mahamed, two other children are being cared for: a nine-year-old boy and a 20-month-old girl. Alone in the last two weeks they have all gained between 100 and 300 grams – and with it important energy.

Alongside the work at the nutritional center, medical assistance is being administered in the next city. If the security situation is okay and the elders of the region agree, humedica will shortly be sending in further relief supplies to be distributed amongst the people there.

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