Rotary Club Marktoberdorf Donates for „Geschenk mit Herz“

by Steffen Richter,  2007/11/25

Presentation of the donation for the children in Kosovo.

A large part of the men were murdered. Still today, eight years after the escalation of the ethnical conflict, the infrastructure is far away from meeting European standards. But humedica is trying to give the people a glimmer of hope with the establishment of a long-term project in Krushe e Vogel, realized from loyal donations like that from the Marktoberdorf Rotary Club.

„The children in Krushe e Vogel are particularly close to our hearts,” said Professor Dr. Klaus Ruprecht, president of the Rotary Club, as he presented a check for €1000 to humedica's Board Vice-President, Bernd Herger. This amount is not just a one-time occurrence for the Marktoberdorf Rotarian’s. For years they have supported this humedica project by donating €300 a month. The new donation is intended for the Christmas present campaign, “Geschenk mit Herz” (Gift with Love), which will be used specifically for the children in the small village in Kosovo.

Because of humedica’s Christmas gift campaign, hundreds of children in Kosovo and thousands of children in seven other countries will receive something very special on Christmas Eve – their only Christmas present. At the moment, dozens of volunteers are helping to prepare the gifts - which have been donated by the people of Bavaria - for their long journey to the respective countries.

„We are very happy to have had the support from the Rotary Club all of these years“, said Bernd Herger. “This continual support gives us the ability to provide definite and equally long-term assistance in a region which still desperately needs effective help.”

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