My Mission in the Earthquake Zone (Part 3)

by Steffen Richter,  2007/10/02

Even a 103-year-old Peruvian woman is one of the patients.

„In the first six days following the earthquake, there were three to four aftershocks a day. These destroyed additional homes and walls which had been weakened by the first earthquake. With each one, a cry ran through the extremely mentally-drained people. Each aftershock brings back the fear and horrible images from August 15th.

With each tremor, everyone tries to find the safest place possible in their immediate area, ducking, for example, under a table or running to a door frame, or when possible outside. Up to 100,000 people are currently homeless, living in front of their destroyed homes in tents or makeshift huts built from salvaged materials. The winter has been particularly hard this year, and the temperature can sink to -5°C (23°F) at night.

The people find warmth by small fires, which are also used to prepare meals. Even we have had to deal with the difficult weather. Today the sun is finally shining again, after three days of strong winds from the sea which had engulfed the entire city in dust and plastic trash. Yesterday our tent and health clinic was blown away by the wind. Our operation has hopefully and most importantly, created something lasting. humedica would like to set up a health clinic in the poorest part of the city, so that the current stage of disaster relief, where more and more international assistance is arriving, can continue.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Domres has since returned to Germany with our first medical team. But the help from humedica continues. Since then, two additional doctors have traveled to Peru in order help out.

If you would like to help our efforts in Peru, support in all forms is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

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