Flood Disaster Southern Asia: Medical Team Arrives in Relief Area

by Steffen Richter,  2007/08/13

Parallel to the arrival of the humedica medical team, the first relief supplies have also reached the flooded region.

After a troublesome journey, the three-person medical team has finally reached its operation area and has already conducted their first examinations. The needs of the people there are great and the weather forecast doesn’t look like it will be getting any better.

Although it hasn’t rained in the past few days, the weather forecasts for the upcoming weeks - in all of southern Asia - don’t look good. Not good means rain, and rain means further flooding. This means that the situation in the humedica-operation areas in Nepal and Pakistan will continue to deteriorate.

After a tiresome journey, the three-person medical team, consisting of Dr. Anja Fröhlich, Dr. Ulrich Seeman and nurse Felicitas Samtleben-Splaiss, have reached the town of Nepalganj located on the border to India, and have already conducted their first examinations. The experienced doctors continually come across the same problems: serious cases of malaria, severe skin diseases and life-threatening snake bites. In this region live several species of kraits, one of the most poisonous snakes on earth. Without immediate treatment after being bitten, a person will die within hours from the snake’s highly-effective neurotoxin. The same goes for the king cobra, whose bite is deadly without an anti-serum injection. Along with these problems is the ever-growing danger of a cholera epidemic. The first cases have already been documented and treated.

Nils Stilke, humedica coordinator currently in Karachi, Pakistan, has also reported continual rain. “In the past few days it’s been raining constantly and heavily – like from out of a watering can. Countless streets are under water and it’s almost impossible to leave our hotel with dry feet.” Despite the rough conditions, though, in the past couple of weeks Nils Stilke was able to supply a further 500 families affected by the flooding with relief supplies.

Dear friends, sponsors and supporters of our work: we would like to take a moment to ask you to support our work in the flooded regions by making a donation. Without your assistance our help isn't possible. Thank you.

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