Lucas Ramos, Pverty Was His Daily Bread

by Joachim Panhans,  2007/04/24

Lucas lives, along with his two brothers and father, near the humedica children's village Seiaca / Brazil.

Lucas Figueredo Ramos is 12 years old. He, along with his two brothers, have found a second home with humedica Brazil.

Outside of school, the brothers spend most of their time at Sitio del Rei (in English: Estate of the King), the street-children preventions project from humedica. After their mother died a few years ago from cancer, the children became quickly uncared for. The situation was just too much for their father. At the humedica children's center, they receive breakfast and lunch, clean clothes, showers and medical care. On the weekends, they receive a food packet to take home with them. Humedica Brazil is now a large part of the lives of the three children. At the humedica-center they receive what they can’t get at home: support, attention, companionship, training and the most important thing – love and devotion.

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