Ethiopia: Medical Team Helps in Different Areas of Country – Part 3

by Steffen Richter,  2007/12/23

Debre Zeit

"On the way back to Addis Abeba, we stopped in Debra Zeit and examined and treated the projectfamilies from the Bole Fana School. In the previous months the project has taken in several new children. For me, a particularly moving story was that of little Habtamu. He is six years old - the same age as my son Jonathon, who just entered first grade. Habtamu’s parents have died and the young boy earns his living as a farmer. In exchange for working, neighbors took him in to their home. A mother from Maru also has it hard. She is widowed and has four daughters. Because she doesn’t has a regular income, she had to move back in with her mother, and they all now live in a hut, a place that we wouldn’t use even as a stall.

The local partner organization from humedica, „Bethany Children’s Village“ (BCV), will soon be implementing the following plan in Debra Zeit: the older girls and boys will be organized into groups, where they can then meet regularly with one another to visit and discuss. This is to be the first step for later support in the form of small personal loans or further job-related training. BCV wants the adolescents to have as many opportunities as possible in order to learn and to learn how to take care of themselves. Here they will also be able to develop their own ideas! It would be optimal if these young people could build their own building, with an integrated office, so that it would always be possible to have training courses.”

Kind regards and Selam ("peace" in Amharisch)
Susanne Merkel

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