New Children's Home in Sri Lanka Dedicated

by Joachim Panhans,  2006/11/09

With the financial support from the “Sternstunden” campaign from the Bavarian Broadcasting Service in the amount of 76,000 Euros, humedica was able to build a new children’s home in Sri Lanka. Parallel to peace negotiations in Sri Lanka, the new complex was built on the property of humedica International Lanka and consists of a residential building with eight four-bed bedrooms, a dining hall with kitchen and a multi-purpose building.

At the beginning of the construction period, civil war was raging in northern Sri Lanka and it was difficult to obtain construction materials. The situation changed dramatically, however, when the new Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe had the courage to take decisive steps towards a peace treaty with the rebel group LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam). A cease-fire finally took place in the beginning of 2002, after over 19 years of civil war which had caused around 65,000 casualties. As the official dedication of the Sternstunden complex took place in September of last year, in the presence of national and international guests, it was already possible to fly from Colombo to Jaffna on Expo Airlines.

humedica Sri Lanka and Germany directors, Sam Rajasuriar and Wolfgang Groß, thanked the Sternstunden benefit campaign for their generous support, and then the Additional Government Agent, as government representative, cut through the ribbon attached to the residence building door to officially open the complex. Afterwards, the children performed a play, for which they had long rehearsed, and then sang and danced for the guests. The festivities ended with a dinner prepared by the cooks of the children’s home.

Even though the peace talks will hopefully come to a positive end in the near future, it will still take a while for the children’s emotional wounds to heal.

The employees of humedica’s children’s home Manipay are dedicated to this task, and with a caring education, they will work with the children so that the terrors of the war become a part of their past as soon as possible.

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