humedica Medical Teams to End Emergency Medical Mission on Java

by Joachim Panhans,  2006/06/06

Through determined action, the humedica teams saved many lives.

Kaufbeuren/Yogyakarta, 6 June 2006 – Humedica Executive Director, Wolfgang Groß (Kaufbeuren) stated that this week both of the humedica medical teams will be ending their emergency medical missions to assist the victims of the earthquake in Indonesia.

Local trained personnel and public health workers will be taking over the medical care of the patients. Immediately following the 6.3 magnitude earthquake which struck the area on May 27, our medical teams traveled to the island of Java in order to help the injured and traumatized people. In total, eight workers were there on assignment, including a pharmacist from the organization “Apotheker ohne Grenzen” (Pharmacists without Borders).

On the 2 of June, the medical team took over the treating of earthquake victims in the city of Kladen, located near Yogyakarta, where about 800 people had died. According to the Indonesian Health Ministry, over 6,200 people lost their lives in this catastrophe. Around 30,000 people were injured and about 650,000 are now homeless.

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