After the Tsunami a Famine

by Joachim Panhans,  2006/12/19

December 26 is the second anniversary of the tsunami disaster, and we have been able to treat 20,000 people. Since the flood, teams from humedica have been helping with the rebuilding process. Over 1,000 boats have been given to destitute fishing families. Thirteen schools, including an international-standards compliant comprehensive school, for more than 500 school children have been built. Two villages offer a new home for uprooted victims of the disaster. But because of the political conflict, a famine is now threatening those living on the Jaffna peninsula.

Since the tsunami, we have been supporting 400 families. We are still looking for sponsors for an additional 4,600 families, who are willing to donate regularly for their sponsor family’s basic care.

Because of the political conflict, the food provisions on the Jaffna peninsula in the past weeks have started to run low, and since the main road to the peninsula is closed down, a famine is now threatening the people. A church in Jaffna befriended with humedica received written permission from Admiral Ratnakeerti a few days ago to bring basic food staples for 5,000 families on a cargo ship, and then to distribute them to those in need. In order for us to realize this, we need to raise 200,000 Euro!

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